Frequently Asked Questions

Why Jego?

   Spalmghetti is made out of hearts of palm, found inside peach palm trees natives to South and Central America.

   Its delicate flavor makes it popular for salads, but can also be braised, fried, boiled, and turned into pasta!.

   Some people have compared the flavor of hearts of palm to artichoke, but much more subtle, making it a very versatile substitute for pasta.

   Pineapple, papaya, guava, and highland papaya.

   Jego Life products are handcrafted and harvested in Central America.

How do I eat Jego?

   We have a blog with different recipes using our own products. Click here to look.

   You can shop online at our own website! Click here to go to our online store.

   All nutritional facts for all our products can be found in the photos of each product, on our shop. To find these, go to the desired product on our shop, and you will find it within the photos of the products.


   Shelf life variate between our products. For more information, check the label on our shop. To ensure freshness, we store our products in a low-moisture, temperature-controlled environment.

   Only once they are open. Once opened, transfer your Jego Life product to a different container, where it will last for another 24 hours.

   Yes! Our manufacturing processes meet the FDA requirements.