Spalmghetti Low Carb Spaghetti Noodles | Healthy Hearts of Palm Keto Pasta | 3g of Carbs | Gluten Free | No Sugar Added | Pack of 3

2.63 lb
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From the deepest heart of the palm, Jego presents its premium product SPALMGHETTI represented by a delicate palm spaghetti from the tender peach palm, fresh, sweet and sensitive, immersed in a delicate brine, which can be presented with sauces for pasta, meat accompaniment, salads or alone; With its ivory color and nutritious content, this vegetable can be eaten in several ways, filling the moment with healthy nutrients for the body with an unsurpassable flavor.

• Kosher y Gluten Free


• Shelf life of two years

• Once the product is removed from the container it can be consumed alone or prepared in pasta dishes. After opening, transfer the product to another container and refrigerate for a maximum of 24 hours.

• Healthy and delicious alternative to traditional pasta

• No Sugar Added


DIMENSIONS 3 PACK     10.65 × 4.95 × 3.18 in